“Black and White aesthetic” 1/1 collection on OpenSea

A limited edition of 46 photos is a collection of nude photographs that I have taken over the past 10 years. In these photographs I have captured my vision of the beauty of the female body and its freedom, femininity, sincerity, looseness. All the works were created under different conditions, using only natural daylight, which gives them originality, softness and tenderness.

“Beauty Moments” & “The aesthetics of BDSM”
1/1 collection on Foundation

This collection is a collection of photos I have taken from 2011 to the present. I want to show you how I see the beauty around me with my camera. My photos allow you to enjoy the emotions, to feel the moment, the sexuality, the warm vibrations of light, the shadows.

“Red-Pink Editions by Kaplinskiy” on Opensea (manifold)

Red-pink editions that were waiting to be seen by the world ) Let’s enjoy the beauty of!

“FREEDOM” editions on Opensea (SOLD OUT)

“Freedom” for all who like my works, for all who like this moment, for all who appreciate freedom, freedom of choice, expression, love, thought and freedom of creativity, release this edition in gratitude to everyone.❤️
There are 4 photos in this collection of editions. The collection was assembled in less than 24 hours!

Kaplinskiy | Editions on OpenSea (SOLD OUT)

The world and beauty through my eyes! Lots of my very beautiful photographic works available to all, in various editions.

SUBMISSION – BDSM gif collection on OpenSea (Polygon)

One of my first collections, which was created when I was just starting out NFT.
This NFT collection is about passion, pleasure, beautiful obey, feminine aesthetics and beauty of the body. Available only on this site. There are a total of 69 frames in the collection.The author wants to share with you the creativity, his views on women’s beauty and the theme of BDSM.